Creating an interactive exhibition concept: »Fluxus«

The exhibition concept combines a spacial installation with the digital database of the European Fluxus History (1962–1977). Visitors are invited to walk through a cloud of more than 600 paper cards hanging from the ceiling and being chronologically and geographically arranged. Each card represents one Fluxus »Score« and offers a numeric code to enter the digital archive, providing further event details and coherences between artists, locations, and performances.

The interface of the database was designed to provide both, a quick, superficial glance at all Fluxus »Happenings« as well as a comprehensive expert insight with regard to event, venue and artist correlation.


In collaboration with Jula Lakritz and Tina Serowski

Ideas are one thing and what happens is another.
— John Cage


Designing and adapting an interface concept for iPad display without actual knowledge about content quality or data structure.


We initially planned a native iOS app, using the iPad’s camera to read the code and access the digital contextual archive. Due to some technical challenges and lack of time we had to readapt the concept several times during the implementation phase, e.g. refining the entire information architecture, switching from camera recognition to numeric code input for access, etc.

Take away & impact

I would never agree on a freelance project again without having the full disclosure of the content in advance. After all, we managed to have a MVP running at the first exhibitions, which we then improved over time.

Sketches of the interface as initially planned

Fluxus database interface

Spacial installation



Exhibition Venues and Dates

Berlin Akademie der Künste, July 2012–August 2012  Budapest, September 2012  Poznan University of Arts, October 2012  Kraków MOCAK Museum of Contemporary Art, October 2012–January 2013  Copenhagen Nikolaj Kunsthal, November 2012  Stuttgart Staatsgalerie, December 2012–April 2013  Paris Goethe-Institut, December 2012–January 2013  Vilnius Contemporary Art Centre, December 2012–January 2013  Prague National Gallery, October 2014–April 2015