Developing new Service Design concepts: 

Challenged to elect and improve an already established business, our team decided to focus on the superlative services of Berlin’s so called »Spätis« (24-hour kiosks). Through applied research, service design methodologies and the involvement of customers and business owners in the process of co-creation, we analysed touchpoints, stakeholders and processes and designed some new service concepts.


In collaboration with Sylvia Kautz and Louis Weidenkopf in 2012



Improving the already superlative services of Berlin’s kiosks: they’re nearby, open 24/7 and they sell everything you could think of, …


In order to get to know the kiosks’ owners and likewise their customers, we used cultural probes, conducted interviews, did several observation rounds (early morning, afternoon, late at night) and mapped every insight in a user journey.

Observations, first insights and classification

Cultural probes

Customer interviews

Defining the key opportunities

Ideation and concept evaluation

Refined service concepts

Blueprint and demo of concept (video)