Improving your travel experience, Thesis, 2013


Planning »the perfect trip« can be quite difficult due to a vast number of services, offers, (social) networks, recommendations and ratings.

In addition to the services of traditional travel agencies, an increasing number of travel guides and tools, such as online portals and apps, can encourage self-organised trips but also come to a limit in certain situations. Above, managing information from different sources is not only complex and time consuming but often even lapsed, because for example documents were forgotten, internet access is not available or situations require spontaneous decisions …

In order to create a service that suits the personal, individual needs of a tourist, I analysed these »helping tools« regarding their functions, ease and joy of use as well as their trustworthiness. Which artefacts, physical and digital, are currently used? Which sources of information and recommendation have the highest value for travellers and why – and can they be merged usefully? Which stakeholders are involved in the process of planning, both at home and at the place of destination?

How would a service be created that suits the personal, individual needs of a tourist and provides relevant and useful guidance in advance, as well as on the go?