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Hi, I’m Judith, an experienced UX professional with focus on qualitative research methodologies. My mission is to help create products and services that convey meaningful experiences to people, while taking into account business vision and technical constraints.

I appreciate working in interdisciplinary teams! Also, I love traveling, be it professional or private.

I had the honour of working with and for companies such as Frog Design, Fresenius Kabi, HERE, Nokia, SAP, Daimler, Nestlé, Deutsche Telekom, Contentful, among others… 

Besides, I know many nice and talented people whom I appreciate to work with: Dea Dantas Vögler, Christoph Steinlehner, Frederik Görtelmeyer, Alberto Palandri, Ricardo Osorio Santos, …

This is my personal »feature history«


Learning to choose and use the right tools and grids! As a trainee, I gathered my first experiences in a medical design company, followed by a Luxembourg-based communication agency. Afterwards, I worked in editorial design and continued freelancing for various clients in different fields.


Embrace ambiguity! I kinda felt bored of nice-looking but static graphics, thus I decided to eventually study Interface Design and graduated at the University of Applied Sciences Potsdam. Focusing here on team collaboration and processes, I mastered to defend ideas and make decisions, not »just because« but for a »reasonable why«!

Since 2012

If at first you don’t succeed, better get used to it. Trial and error – embrace ambiguity! Today, more than ever, I firmly believe in the need of putting people in the heart of everything in order to understand their needs, motivation and expectations.