Judith Hecktor

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Admitted, having problems does not sound too good in the first place. However, in a constantly changing environment, it is pretty normal that things do not always run smoothly. In case you desire to grow your business, explore new opportunities and competitive advantage, you should first identify and understand what exactly needs to be addressed – when, where and why challenges arise.

A problem that can be put into context is the best starting point to make informed decisions for what actions to take. I can help you ask the right questions and avoid solving the wrong issue!


There are many fancy descriptions for what I do:
UX research Service design Strategic design Business therapy ツ

Yeah, titles… I’m rather interested in people, problem solving, and learning. I investigate processes, services and stakeholders to help spotting new opportunities and make insights tangible and actionable for all those involved. My mission is to create products and services that convey meaningful experiences to people.

In doing so, I follow the approaches of human-centered design and design thinking – both are iterative methods aiming to satisfy the users’ requirements, be technically feasible and also prove to be economical. Work and design ethics are important to me, too!



I observe people, environments and processes in order to understand behaviors, motivations and goals.


I orchestrate all insights and ideas and make them tangible and actionable for different stakeholders.


I strive for an accessible, intuitive and consistent design, trying to use a clear and engaging visual language.


I review and test ideas with potential target users to see if concepts are valuable and relevant.


In the past I have worked in different fields and industries, both B2B and B2C. Below is a brief overview of some topics I have been involved with. If you want to know more about the undisclosed projects, please just get in touch. I’m happy to show you my portfolio in a personal conversation.


What I do. My usual tasks:

  • Helping organizations to understand their needs, challenges and wishes – today and in the future

  • Planning, organizing, conducting or managing research initiatives and workshops

  • Analyzing and synthesizing all findings – connecting the dots

  • Presenting and sharing research results in different formats, with team members and other audiences

  • Translating findings into tangible concepts, such as interactive prototypes, journey maps, workshops, …

  • Helping to shape a strategic, human-centered perspective and recommend directions while keeping an eye on the big picture and the desired impact

  • Aligning and collaborating closely with teams, external partners and customers

  • Evangelizing human-centered design across teams

My skills:

  • Organized, flexible, adaptable to different requests and circumstances

  • Always curious, continuously learning, and striving for the best outcomes

What I don’t do. Nobody’s perfect …

I do have a great passion for typography and a solid knowledge of visual design, but I may not be the right person to design a high-end, pixel-perfect UI. I can lose myself in trying things, experimenting for hours with shapes, colors, and typography. Let’s face it: it’s not that efficient, right?

Besides, I’ve never been good at math. I know that hard facts are important, but I prefer to leave the data gathering to those who are more familiar with numbers. Nonetheless, I always aim to link qualitative research planning to statistics, and I am also able to connect different types of data!

I believe in interdisciplinary, cross-functional superpowers of teams.

And in case you’re not sure whether I’m the right candidate for your job, we can grab a coffee and talk. Simple.